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Information technology students as forerunners in Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Workers' cooperative motivates students in many ways
A workers' cooperation for information technology students called Tki-Verstas was established in 2011 for product development and innovations at Tampere University of Applied Sciences, TAMK.  Since then, it has received over 70 assignments from companies in the field of information technology. Every assignment has been included as part of a learner's information technology studies. This has resulted in an excellent, motivating system for both students and clients to cooperate and connect ongoing studies with paid work. (23.6.2014)
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Ari Rantala and Kimmo Saarela
Innovations have evolved into business ventures at Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Ending financial support begins to complicate the development of ideas
Tampere University of Applied Sciences, TAMK, has developed a good support procedure to evaluate and advance new ideas by its students and staff. It has helped to establish more than ten new enterprises, and many new innovations have been licenced. However, innovation activities at universities of applied sciences are in danger of deteriorating considerably, since the current external funding to innovation services ends next year.(13.2.2014)
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Markku Oikarainen and Mikko Naukkarinen
Strong support for inventions from Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Building outdoor terrace and walls coated by slates takes only one day

Tampere University of Applied Sciences has had a key role in developing an unforeseen technique to build slate surfaces both indoors and outdoors. This method is based on predesigned, ready-made reinforced concrete elements coated with slates and other natural stones. Using elements raises the quality of coatings distinctly higher, as it eliminates the traditional risks of building stone by stone on the spot.(15.1.2014)
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Raimo and Teppo Vuohelainen and Markku Oikarainen
Urban Agriculture Inventors Meet in UNIPOLI Tampere
Vertical Pocket Rack for Growing Plants Saves Space

The innovation service of Tampere University of Applied Sciences and the entrepreneur service of Tampere University of Technology brought together in UNIPOLI, as third participant University of Tampere, inventors interested in urban agriculture of those three universities. This co-operation resulted in a 1,5 metres high, vertical rack of plant po(cke)ts. It can be used to grow different lettuces, herbs and other plants, such as sweet peppers.  Several pocket racks form a wide indoors plantation which can be put together next to walls or windows. (27.8.2013)
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Markku Oikarainen, Leena Köppä and Joonas Tähtinen
New ventures emerged from ideas developed at Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Innovation services invigorate degree programmes

Business ideas developed at Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) have generated a substantial number of new business ventures in recent years. Eleven of 178 business concepts discussed in 2006–2012 have led to commercial trade. In January 2013, students have introduced as many as seven new innovative ideas to the concept development process of TAMK. (14.2.2013)
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Teppo Vuohelainen and Markku Oikarainen.
Making working in plastics and rubber more familiar in comprehensive schools
Plastics and rubber offer all kinds of job opportunities

Nowadays the application options for plastics and rubber are amazing.  Entrepreneurs in plastics and rubber and vocational instructors have determined to make this field more familiar so that the industry can secure the skilled workers it needs.  Young people just finishing comprehensive school and those in upper secondary school and their teachers and counselors, teachers in adult education and employment administration personnel – all need to know more. (9.3.2012)
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Sirpa Riekkola checks a tyre.
Increase in aids for the elderly demands new expertise
1.9 million Euro wellbeing technology learning environment for Sastamala

Municipal residential care homes are on their way out and support is coming for the elderly to live longer in their own homes.  In the future elderly people and others in need of assistance in the home will also be acquiring more aids and services independently. The design, manufacture, maintenance, calibration and repair of such aids will increase enormously, which implies a corresponding increase in the need for expertise among workers in the social and technology fields. (10.11.2011)
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Hannu Kaunisto and Tarja Lylynperä
The Sastamala area strengthens its top expertise
From by-products of arable cultivation to completely recyclable raw material for reinforcing plastic

Sastamalan koulutuskuntayhtymä is leading a development project on which a new learning environment is being created for learning to manufacture plastics reinforced with natural fibres.  The content of the totally new field of education is taking shape on the project which is also experimentally producing recyclable raw material for plastic reinforcement from local straw and oil plants.  New enterprises can still join the project, which is set to run until the end of 2012. (8.12.2010)
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Jari Koskinen, Kimmo Ilèn and Esko Järvinen
New e-Learning materials to improve mathematical logic abilities of students and workers
Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) is leading an international team developing learning materials in the field of mathematical logic and based on real-life applications of mathematical logic.  The materials will be published and used throughout the EU. (7.12.2010)
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Rami Rinneheimo, Veikko Eeva, Kirsi-Maria Rinneheimo and Hanna Kinnari
Tampere University of Applied Sciences responds to the needs of industry
International courses in measurement and control technology

Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) in collaboration with three foreign universities has developed new courses in electronic measurement and control technology. On these students can practice in international co-operation, notably the technical systems developed for systems control and measurement. The development work was funded mainly by the EU Lifelong Learning Programme. (2.12.2010)
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Jani Katajisto and Jarmo Lilja
Tampere University of Applied Sciences leads development work
Well-being tourism to attract people to the Tampere Region

A development project of Tampere University of Applied Sciences has created major impetus for the development of the northern Tampere Region as a well-being tourism destination, even internationally. Local enterprises offering nature and culture services, Metsähallitus (a state enterprise administering state-owned land and water areas) and experts in tourism and well-being at Tampere University of Applied Sciences have arrived at a common vision to make well-being tourism a major occupation in the area. (23.6.2010)
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TAMK University of Applied Sciences in co-operation with Germany, the Czech Republic and Estonia
Studying automation and German language on an integrated web-based course

TAMK University of Applied Sciences is leading international co-operation in the creation of a new kind of course in technology and German language. This entails the basics of automation technology hands-on through the medium of German. The project, entitled Automation Technology and German as an On-Line Course (“Automatisierungstechnik und Deutsch als Online-Kurs”, the ADOK Project), is mostly funded by the LifeLongLearning Program of EU. (28.5.2010)
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Preparing a new kind of course.
Demand in China for expertise in wood construction
An energy-efficient building by TAMK University of Applied Sciences for a Chinese megapolis

TAMK University of Applied Sciences has exported Finnish expertise in wood construction to China. Last year TAMK built a two-storey detached house with a surface area of 230 square metres for the 8-million inhabitant university city of Shenyang. (8.4.2010)
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Xia Huanhuan, Miikka Lehtimäki, Shefu Wang and Ville Lehtineva.
TAMK University of Applied Sciences designs health information, visuality and music into a health game for young people
TAMK University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) has designed and produced a game for teens incorporating health information, visual appeal and music. The game encourages young people to be sociable and take exercise. Progress in the game requires positive health choices and responses from the game figures manipulated in play. The Department of Computer Sciences at the University of Tampere was in charge of the development work on the health game. (18.2.2010)
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New learning material for adult students of the retail trade
Expertise increases alongside work through eLearning

As a part of an international co-operation project, eLearning materials have been created for adults working in the retail trade. TAMK University of Applied Sciences was involved in the design of the materials as an expert in adult education and on-line education. The partners included two Icelandic and one Scottish educational institution and the work was mostly financed by the EU Leonardo da Vinci transfer of innovation programme.(18.12.2009)
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Hanna Torp and Marianna Leikomaa
The needs of working life are changing faster and faster
University students need to learn more and more during their on-the-job training

According to a survey by TAMK University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) there is a need for more cooperation between universities and workplaces regarding students’ on-the-job training. This way the students’ professional growth can gain strength and employers can get competent workforce for tasks which are changing faster and faster. The survey was funded by the Ministry of Education, Finland and the European Social Fund. (30.11.2009)
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Jani Berkovits and Samuli Kolari
An up-to-date learning environment for training in timber procurement
TAMK University of Applied Sciences to teach the whole picture of timber procurement

TAMK University of Applied Sciences is developing a unique learning environment which teaches students about the entire complex chain in timber procurement. This is to help forestry students and professionals to achieve a better conception of the significant factors contributing to the chain of timber procurement. The learning environment briefs its user on the various perspectives of forestry actors – the seller, the forestry white-collar worker, the subcontractor and the wood processor. (26.6.2009)
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Jukka Tohu and Heikki Vuorinen
The universities of applied sciences compared their activities in research and development in Western Europe. 
Research and development carry less weight in Finland

TThe Pirkanmaa, Seinäjoki, TAMK Universities of Applied Sciences and the Swedish-speaking Novia Polytechnic operating in Vaasa have established in a comparative study that the conditions for R & D in the Finnish polytechnics are weaker than in comparable institutions in Western Europe.  Several European polytechnics are currently clarifying their objectives in R & D; in Finland the polytechnics moreover anticipate new forms of financing supporting regional co-operation with business life. (22.6.2009)
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Ulla-Maija Koivula and Perttu Heino
A prize-winning idea on trial
Technical implementation for the open innovation bank from Tampere

The open innovation bank developed under the leadership of TAMK University of Applied Sciences is now being tried out and is to be further developed. The innovation bank is open to all; an interactive databank intended for various innovative ideas, problems, proposed solutions and future information. Last year the innovation bank was awarded the Konsta Prize for an invention and promising Finnish success story. (18.6.2009)
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Toni Pippola and Marja Kallioniemi
Research by TAMK University of Applied Sciences and the Finnish Museum of Photography:
Photographic art achieved appreciation in Finland through internationalization

Many Finnish photographers with international success have achieved fame in Finland “via foreign countries”. Likewise Finnish photographic art has begun to be increasingly defined through internationalization. Nevertheless photographic art has mostly imparted a traditional image of Finnishness. (26.2.2009)
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Elisa Mäkitalo, Juha Suonpää and Liina Mäki-Patola
Major energy savings sought in market gardens
A curtain of light between the rows of plants to replace high-energy lamps

TAMK University of Applied Sciences in the City of Tampere (Finland) has developed a unique lighting method intended for use in commercial greenhouses. Here the light required by the plants is produced by means of LED technology between the rows of plants. It is estimated that in the future the method will achieve savings of up to one half of the present vast need for energy in hothouses. (18.12.2008)
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Matti Horppu and Esa Kivioja
An activating tool for students training for professions
TAMK University of Applied Sciences accomplished the welfare portal

TAMK University of Applied Sciences accomplished the welfare portal for the promotion of the working ability of young people training for professions. The portal provides students with information, skills and inspiring ideas about how to care for their own working ability and well-being. The implementation of the well-being portal was financed by the National Board of Education, the Ministry of Education, the European Social Fund and the Cultural and Sports Association of Finnish Occupational Education and Training, SAKU ry. (9.10.2008)
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Jani Järvelin and Toni Pippola
A portable measurement unit to monitor the air we breathe
Expertise on fine particles in Tampere

TAMK University of Applied Sciences has constructed an easily movable instrument for measuring air quality. It can be used to measure coarse, fine and ultra fine particles moving in the air. The measurements are made using an internationally known measuring device for fine particles developed by the Tampere company Dekati Oy. (8.10.2008)
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Jyrki Mäkelä and Jarmo Lilja
Getting more publicity for UAS research ideas
The best ones are developed into commercial products

Research-based ideas of employees and students of the universities of applied sciences are screened increasingly more carefully. The plan is to develop the best of them into enterprise-based commercial operations. This kind of work is funded by TEKES in its programme for transforming research into business. (7.10.2008)
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Markku Oikarainen and Antti Soini
TAMK University of Applied Sciences modelling theatrical functions
The School of Art and Media of TAMK University of Applied Sciences is leading cooperation by which Mikkeli and Rauma theatres are developing their functions. The outcomes will be new space for improvisation and creative ideas because the regular production work will be better administrated. The theatres and their respective personnel have decided on their own development aspects and are also sharing their development experiences.
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Two days to raise the wooden-framed outside walls of a building
A new option for reasonably priced individual architecture
At Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) a technique unique in the world has been developed for the frame of the outside walls of wooden buildings of any type at all. A standard sized wooden frame element for a bearing wall allows the wooden outside wall frame of even a large building to be put up in 1–2 days. The saving compared to building the conventional way with “long planks” is in the order of 1,500 to 2,000 Euros.
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Noirdic Walking
Research by Pirkanmaa University of Applied Sciences and a Japanese university
Regular Nordic Walking may reduce the risk of falls in elderly people
Pirkanmaa University of Applied Sciences and one Japanese university are investigating how the structured long-term Nordic Walking exercise program effects on mobility, balance and physical condition of the elderly. These factors promote to instability in common daily movement thereby increasing the risk of fall. It is well known phenomenon that the improvement of mobility and balance prevents falls and fractures.
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Noirdic Walking
Publicising design instructions and benefits of aluminium construction
TAMK is creating a learning environment for aluminium construction
TAMK University of Applied Sciences is creating an illustrative, user-friendly learning environment for the design of aluminium structures. Using this, anyone who knows the rudiments can specialise in the use of aluminium in the construction industry. The target is a 25 per cent increase in the use of aluminium in Finland by 2011.
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An easier way to convert research inventions of Pirkanmaa HEIs into business activity
TEKES chose the Unipoli organisation to test a simpler funding mechanism
Tampere University of Applied Sciences and Pirkanmaa University of Applied Sciences, the University of Tampere and Tampere University of Technology have been given time until April to use money in a more simple way in order to evaluate the commercialization and marketization prospects of inventions. For example, Tampere University of Applied Sciences is to receive 33,000 Euros from the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation in order to explore the business opportunities afforded by new inventions.
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Markku Oikarainen
Tampere leads in the teaching of the rudiments of programming.  Final conference in Thailand
Materials bank for teaching programming created under the Polytechnic University of Applied Sciences
Led by the Tampere Polytechnic University of Applied Sciences an international materials bank has been created which goes a long way to making it easier to learn programming. The teaching materials were produced by higher educational institutions in various parts of the world, their departments constituting a network. Network members can freely use the materials in teaching; this has made it easier everywhere to learn programming and is likely to reduce the student dropout rate.
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Recycling nutrients saves the environment
Potatoes and cabbages fertilized with composted toilet waste includes also tests for taste in Tampere
In an environmental engineering research project of TAMK University of Applied Sciences potatoes and cabbages fertilized with composted dry toilet waste are taste-tested at the University of Kuopio. The fertilizer used was source separated urine and dry toilet compost collected from private households from Västanfjärd municipality. Prior to sowing these were certified to be microbiologically and chemically very safe to be used as fertilizers.
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More efficiency in Finnish-Russian co-operation
Cultural knowledge and interaction skills are crucial in project work
Finnish companies can step up their bilateral project work with Russia by improving in advance their knowledge of the Russian culture of doing business. The entrepreneurial financial risk is also reduced when at least one of the Finnish representatives of the joint project team is well up on Russian culture, the project environment and the Russian backgrounds or key actors and the Russian language. It is an extra advantage to be aware that at least in St. Petersburg, Moscow and elsewhere in Russia there are distinct ways of doing project work
. (25.06.2007)
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Marko Mäkilouko
Pirkanmaa want to raise its profile in AV and film
Small film companies gained strength on a polytechnic development project
On a research and development project of Tampere Polytechnic - University of Applied Sciences small and medium-sized AV and film enterprises have learned how to apply for funding for new scripts and film productions and to be prepared to face copyright issues in the business, which can be tricky at times. They have also received new decisions on funding, which facilitates the creation of opportunities for work, especially for new film and acting professionals qualifying in the subregion. (11.05.2007)

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Better road safety thanks to the traffic information service developed by ICT Turku Oy
Drivers to receive information on hazards occurring on their routes while in transit
A traffic information service has been developed under the leadership of ICT Turku Oy which sends up-to-the-minute information to drivers’ mobile phones about driving conditions, accidents, traffic jams and roadworks en route. Drivers are also provided with a suggestion for a safer option, and while progressing along this route, too, corresponding up-to-the-date information is supplied. This service making road users aware of obstacles to the free flow of traffic is internationally uncommon. (11.05.2007)

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An honourable mention from the Tanzanians for Mwanza’s environmental care
Tampere provides its twin city with support in waste management knowhow
Practical training in Tanzania is part of the International Degree Programme of Environmental Engineering at the Tampere Polytechnic University of Applied Sciences and supports in an excellent way the development of Mwanza. Co-operation began already last year, and in May two more students will begin their practical training there. They will provide Mwanza with in particular with knowhow of sorting waste, composting and safe processing of biowaste, and the economic benefits of recycling. (10.05.2007)

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Entrepreneurs in timber harvesting and transportation are networking with each other
More holistic timber harvesting and transportation services
The forest industry is more interested than before in purchasing services in timber harvesting and transportation from entrepreneurs in the form of more extensive service packages. Entrepreneurs are responding to the challenge by upgrading their competences and the services they offer on a development project of Tampere Polytechnic - University of Applied Sciences. In the future the successful entrepreneur in the forestry sector will be selling the customer tailored services as a comprehensive entity. The developing expertise of the entrepreneurs will serve to improve both the international competitiveness of enterprises in the field and of the forest sector as a whole. (12.04.2007)

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Tampere research confirms the change:
Success in the audiovisual business means transforming your business model
Research accomplished at the Tampere Polytechnic University of Applied Sciences confirms that in the next few years information technology will transform the ways of doing business in cultural and scientific content production and distribution. In the last ten years Internet-based information networks have developed into easy-to-use and socially connecting media platforms when anyone can not only be a producer of new content but also a global distributor. (04.04.2007)

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Social media
From Tampere a new opening for Finnish environmental expertise in China
Three theses are being done in an area of 110,000 dry toilets
Three undergraduates on the Degree Programme in Environmental Engineering at Tampere Polytechnic University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) are working on theses in sustainable development in co-operation with the city of Kunming in Yunnan Province, southern China. There the students are studying the chances of improving environmental conditions in the humid climate on Lake Dian area. As a part of the solution almost half of the 110,000 dry toilets are already constructed by Kunming environmental officials. (21.03.2007)

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A special service at the Pirkanmaa Polytechnic - University of Applied Sciences
Home structures and tools to facilitate everyday routines are now available for trial
Pirkanmaa Polytechnic - University of Applied Sciences (PIRAMK) has revamped its exhibition and practice space presenting solutions intended to promote people’s independent coping. In this exhibition space, known as ITSE, special home structures and tools that make everyday coping easier can be seen and tried out. Interest in services supporting independent coping has also been expressed by PIRAMK’s international co-operation partners.(12.02.2007)

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"One Hundred Finnish Soundscapes" compiled for publication
"One Hundred Finnish Soundscapes" has been published as a book and on CD - a representative selection of meaningful Finnish soundscapes. These help community and environmental planners to cater for sound phenomena when creating the preconditions for people's physical and mental well-being in an environment in touch with nature. (25.10.2006)
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Higher education institution rectors from North Africa, the Middle East and several EU countries meet in Tampere
The Southern Mediterranean countries look for models from Finnish higher education and business collaboration
Tampere Polytechnic - University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) - and Spanish university Rovira i Virgili of Tarragona are building a new framework to enhance the intensity of teaching, research and enterprise collaboration of higher education institutions within the southern neighbourhood policy of the EU. The organizing institutions have invited university and polytechnic rectors from a total of 35 countries from the EU, North Africa and Middle East to Tampere. The North African countries, especially, have taken an interest in familiarising themselves with the Finnish educational system and the co-operation that exists here between various enterprises and the higher education institutions. (09.10.2006)
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Work by students and SMEs for an international innovation:
Manually assembled catastrophe shelter to facilitate emergency treatment in crisis areas
Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) has been directing development work in which students and SMEs joined forces to produce a versatile and lightweight catastrophe shelter which can be manually assembled. It can be used, for example, for frontline emergency treatment. Solar energy provides the electricity needed, heating comes from locally available fuel, and the equipment includes tools for water purification, solar power system and a dry toilet. Built of wooden elements, the catastrophe shelter is a great improvement on tents for this purpose and it can be delivered to the target area at a competitive price.

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Being lead-free means a challenge for the electronics industry
Salo provides an effective testing system for joints in electronics
At the University of Turku in Salo an effective testing system for soldered joints has been developed to help the electronics industry. It enables SMEs in particular to test and improve the reliability of their electronic equipment, even in the face of the major challenge posed by requirements for lead-free soldering. The development work on lead-free soldering is coordinated by ICT Turku Oy.

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Making good use of ICT in the SMEs of Southwest Finland
ICT Turku Oy have commercialised an Enterprise ICT package for SMEs to enable enterprises in Southwest Finland to put ICTs to good use. Advisory services and practical surveying help to seek out the right ICT tools for SMEs to intensify their business operations. Right from its beginnings Enterprise ICT has achieved positive ICT investments in SMEs.

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Unique development work accomplished in Hämeenlinna
Modifications to the memory-impaired person's home facilitate safer living
The Hämeenlinna company Sosiaalikehitys Oy is in charge of research and development work that finds ways of making adjustments in the home so that people with dementia can cope better. On the project a method was created in order to tactfully ascertain sensible modifications to the interior and changes are already being planned for the materials, lighting and furnishings of the homes of four people with memory problems. It is planned to make changes supporting living at home for 20 such people in the Hämeenlinna area this year. A guide book is also in the making to facilitate planning such modifications.

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The alarm call for security and care comes through easily and surely
Turku technology prolongs coping in the elderly and increases efficiency in the care field
The Turku company Exrei Oy have developed a wireless alarm and security and surveillance system for the care field. This is easy to install in order to enhance the safety of elderly and demented people both in residential care homes and in users' own homes. The basic equipment includes a small home support device and a safety bracelet. These are inexpensive to acquire and the monthly payment for the system is modest. The system relays a call for help or an alarm immediately to the right recipient's mobile phone.

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VTT develops methods for efficient software testing
Testing costs for new products could even be halved
VTT has developed methods to make software testing more efficient than before. The methods expose software flaws ever more precisely, thus the operating of the end product containing the software is more reliable than before. Thanks to the new testing methods the product makes it faster onto the market and certain testing costs could be cut by as much as a half. Several companies will soon be introducing the new testing methods.

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VTT technical solutions simplify decision-making in building construction
New IT methods reduce life cycle costs of buildings
In collaboration with the British partner, the University of Reading, VTT has brought together the best methods for supporting complex decision-making in construction projects. Developed solutions ease the various complex situations and help to verify end result compliance with client requirements in advance. The process also verifies suitability to different user groups. In building projects right initial decisions are the key to improved functionality and performance enabling significant cost savings during life cycle of buildings.

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Tampere firm obtains utility model for a lift solution for no-lift apartment buildings
The lift supports living at home and reduces the need for home services and institutional accommodation
The Tampere company Rakennustoimisto Palmberg Oy has been granted right to a utility model they have invented to enable the installation of safe and spacious lifts in 3-4 storey no-lift apartment blocks built in the 1960s and 1970's. Having a lift in the building makes living there much pleasanter, and, especially in the case of the big age groups now becoming elderly, it increases their chances of continuing to live at home for a long time to come. A lift also enhances the value of the property and its competitiveness on the housing markets. Palmberg have also an international patent pending for their product protected AAP lift type.

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